And so a blog was born

P1050273Did every child of the 80’s, teen of the 90’s love to make mix tapes? I did. I spent a lot of time compiling potential songs, then mulling over the exact right song order, agonizing and tinkering. As I look back, several of those compilations were ridiculous, a few pompous, but a couple still hold up as good now as I thought they were back then.

As I was waiting for the stork to visit my house, screw housework, my version of nesting was compiling a couple extensive play lists of baby & mama friendly music. Thinking about good, nay, important songs for kids to know sort of became my hobby. On long trips in the car, I’d think about the fundamental elements a song needs to attract a toddler but keep the attention of their adult attendant.

Instead of making you a mix-tape, this blog is my attempt to share those play lists.

Parents, you don’t have time to find new music, so consider paying attention if it only means you’ll get to hear a new song or two that could be added to the rotation. Let me help you out. Variety can save your sanity.


Please Note: Children are not required to enjoy my meanderings about music. Really I’m attempting to tell you about my favorite songs, or rather a specific strain of my favorite songs. Requirement numero uno for any song to get your tot rockin’ is that it has to be a GOOD SONG. Who doesn’t like good songs?

I’d wager some of you feel the same way about music and made some pretty righteous mix tapes back in the day. If you are, I’m writing this for you, kindred spirit.

Keep on rocking in the free world. 


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