Miss Maybelle by Kenny Brown

Miss Maybelle is affectionately known as “The Frog Song” or “Hoppin’ Frog” in our home. Kiddos add dance moves of hopping like a frog between verses and yelling, “hop hop hop hop”. The song has gotten so much air time that the wee ones know it by it’s opening guitar riff and immediately start jumping about. I’m so glad those jerks (aka my kids) like this song, because I love it.

Oh Miss Maybelle...

Oh Miss Maybelle…

Kind: Awake baby

Why it’s good: This song is good for kids because it’s about an animal and it has catchy lyrics. You can easily add your own froggy dance moves and the experience is enhanced by an occasional “whoop” or “well, well, well.” It’s considered a Tot Rocker because, first and foremost, it’s a great song.

About the song: As described in the actual title, this song is actually about Miss Maybelle, a woman the singer would like to get to know better. As with many rock songs that use animal imagery, I’m pretty sure when he asks, “Can i be your hoppin’ frog,” he’s talking about something not PG-rated. But when you get down to it, isn’t about 80% of music actually about sex, anyway?

About the artist: Formerly the right-hand man to R.L. Burnside, Kenny Brown is a slide guitarist in the Mississippi Hill Country style of blues. He’s been described as “simply the best white slide player you might ever hear.” (Musician Magazine, referenced at fatpossum.com)

Kenny Brown performing Miss Maybelle at Mississippi Hill Country Picnic 2010:

After seeing Kenny Brown and his compatriots open for the Smiling Assassins (NMAS plus John Herman) and North Mississippi Allstars in 2003 and 2004 in Chicago, I’m very excited  to see him play a full set. Not so coincidently, he’ll will be playing 3 shows in the mid-west at the end of the week.

Upcoming show at the Bayport BBQ:  Located a coon hair away from the Wisconsin Border and St. Croix River in Bayport, MN, the Bayport BBQ is an exceptional restaurant and a great place to see live music.  Friday night through Sunday Brunch (Jan 31-Feb 2). Tickets are $25 and include a trip through the buffet. I’m terribly excited for the music, but the food alone would be well worth the price of admission.

Not to be confused with Mississippi Delta Blues, Mississippi Hill Country Blues is a horse of a different color. Mississippi Hill Country Blues is known for favoring slide guitar and relying on a heavy rhythm section.Can I be your hoppin' frog?

Similar tot rockers: Goin’ Down South by North Mississippi Allstars, Mr Rabbit by Paul Westerberg

If your kid happens to love amphibians, you can dump that song by Three Dog Night and get a real Frog Song.  But seriously, what song about frogs would make your list as a good Tot Rocker?

Get to know Kenny Brown     Get to know Bayport BBQ     Listen to Miss Maybelle

Can I be your hoppin’ frog? 


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