You Belong To Me (Performed by Patsy Cline, Written by Chilton Price)

Baby and Mama watch the sunrise on a tropic isle.

“Fly the ocean in a silver plane, see the jungle when it’s wet with rain, just remember ‘til you’re home again, you belong to me.”

I think it’s a universal feeling to want your kids to grow up to have their own great adventures, AND to have the desire to keep them close for as long as possible. You Belong to Me reminds me however, it won’t be long until more of their adventures will not include me, even if it’s just to preschool.

Kind: Sleepy Baby 

 Why it’s a Tot Rocker: This song features a simple melody and lyrics, talks about things kids like (planes and jungles). It’s a great song that describes the love you have for someone even if they’re far away.

In the House of Tot Rock, You Belong to Me was 1 of 2 songs I originally used at bedtime. As our nighttime routine evolved over the first couple months, it was pruned because TotRock Dad didn’t know it, so we settled on a song we both knew. After that, You Belong to Me fell out of regular use. Even now, my tots will immediately bed down when I start singing it. One time they were acting all foolish, crawling on the sidewalk and munching on sticks. Since nothing else was working to get their attention I started singing You Belong to Me. Immediately, they toddled over, laid down on the blanket, and put their heads in my lap. Like magic. I went on to a different song, and they scurried away again.  I don’t have a voice of angels, so it must be the song.

Little known fact: The song is credited to a team of writers, but it was originally put to paper by Chilton Price; a woman who worked as a music librarian at a radio station in the 1950’s. With some assistance from friends in the music business, Ms. Price went on to have a successful career writing songs. Meet Chilton Price:

You Belong to Me has experienced a variety to iterations- and almost always resulting in a big hit for the performer. My favorite rendition is by Patsy Cline. Most recently, it’s appearance in the movie, Shrek has renewed interest in this classic.

Other tot rockers by Chilton Price: Slow Poke

Similar Tot Rockers: Silver Wings (Merle Haggard), To Make You Feel my Love (Bob Dylan)

For now, my offspring won’t be seeing the marketplace in old Algiers. Not at least without parental supervision.

Hear Patsy’s version


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