Amanda Ruth by Rank and File

I know what you’re thinking, “I lived through the 80’s and I have never heard of Rank and File.” Well today is your lucky day. Call them post-punk, call them cowpunk, just don’t call them late for dinner. Rank and File had a pretty good tune with when they covered the Everly Brothers’ Amanda Ruth. (Editor’s Note: Amanda Ruth is original to Rank and File and subsequently covered by the Everly Brothers. Thank you Yonah Music Emporium!)

Kind: Awake Baby

Why it’s a Tot Rocker: It’s lyrics are really easy, you don’t have to be Celine Dion to keep up with the melody, and you can customize the chorus to fit your family.

Prior to this weekend, this song wasn’t on my Awake Baby playlist-mistake!  Sunday just happened to be a big day for my very own Ruth, so I became inspired. I played the song for the Tots and filled in with the altered chorus and by the end of the first time through, they were singing: 


Grandma Ruuuuuth


Grandma Ru-uuth.

Rank and File may not have experienced a ton of commercial success, but they were a pretty great band. I didn’t learn about them until a few years ago when I started listening to Alejandro Escovedo. You don’t get too far into any bio of Mr E. before they mention his involvement (guitarist) with Rank and File.

Similar Tot Rocker’s: I’m Shakin’ by The Blasters, Castinets by Alejandro Escovedo, Poor Little Critter on the Road by The Knitters

Here’s the Everly Brothers version, which do you like better? 


5 thoughts on “Amanda Ruth by Rank and File

  1. “Amanda Ruth” is a Rank & File original (1982) which the Everly Bros covered in 1985 on their second Mercury album, Born Yesterday. Both versions are great. Drop by our music page on facebook, Yonah Music Emporium.

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