The good song debate

My parent in crime was giving me guff about my previous post on making white snakes. Challenging me on my assertion that Here I go Again is not a good song, he said, “Isn’t ‘guilty pleasure song’ another way of saying ‘good song’?” I knew he was wrong, but it took a couple days to consider why. A song you hear a million times, and know all the words, and even enjoy hearing on occasion, does not inherently mean that song is good.

For example, when I was a teen I was in love with some ridiculous movies. I’d walk to the video store two blocks away and rent the same ones over and over. One such movie was Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael with Winona Ryder and Jeff Daniels.  Looking back, I’m pretty sure Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael was not a good movie, but I haven’t seen it in 10 years nor do I know anyone who has seen it. It was one of my favorites, I think because I saw it 64 times in 3 years. Songs are the same way, we hear them enough and they turn into favorites out of persistance.

So I turn to YOU for guidance.

Should Here I go again by Whitesnake be considered a good song?

Is there a difference between guilty pleasure songs and good songs?

Has anyone seen Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael?

White snakes, Mama! Make white snaaakes!

White snakes, Mama! Make white snaaakes!

Our fate is in your hands, dude. Please comment.


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