Hot Dog (Watch me Eat) by The Detroit Cobras

"Watch me eat a hotdog." This photo was not staged for this blog post.  Weiner's Circle, Chicago. 2010

This photo was not staged for this blog post.
Weiner’s Circle, Chicago. 2010

What kid doesn’t love hot dogs? I’m sure there are some amazing ridiculous parents that have been able to hold back the hot dog phenomenon in their home, but not this parent. The other night my boy ate enough hotdogs to embarrass a grown man on dollar dome dog night at the Metrodome.  And yet, I don’t think my Tot is alone; kids love hot dogs. Likewise, kids love songs about hot dogs.

Kind: Awake Baby

Reasons it’s a Tot Rocker: Hot Dog (watch me eat) has simple lyrics and melody, it describes food, includes spelling, and it’s a GREAT song. My son has started singing this song randomly on his own. To the untrained ear, it sounds like he’s quoting George Bailey walking into Mr. Gower’s pharmacy.

Stuff about the song: The Detroit Cobras have made a name for themselves by making garage rock covers of R&B songs from the 1960’s. This fun song is something of an anomaly being the only original song the Detroit Cobras recorded. It was even featured on Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour on the Food show.

Stuff about the band:  From their bio page on Blood Shot Records “the Cobras are THE go-to party band for those in the know.” Their show at Minneapolis’ Triple Rock Social Club definitely proved that statement.

Other tot rockin’ songs from The Detroit Cobras: Cha Cha Twist (Awake Baby), Baby let me hold your hand (Awake Baby), Leave my Kitten Alone (Awake Baby)

Similar Tot Rockers: Rock your Baby by Wanda Jackson, Rooftops of Bangor by The God Damn Doo Wop Band

Get to know The Detroit Cobras.   Become friends with The Detroit Cobras. Share The Detroit Cobras’ Hot Dog with your kids. Save yourself from this and this.


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