Bad for You by Haley Bonar

Reasons it’s a Tot Rocker: It’s a fun little song, with cute simple lyrics and melody. Ms. Haley Bonar has a beautifully big vocal range, but this song is manageable for the less than vocally talented. It’s catchy, and you won’t want to cut out your own tongue if you catch yourself humming it. 

Kind: Awake Baby

Stuff about Bad for You: on first listen, Bad for You might appear to be a full-on kids song, but with lyrics like, “sniffing on markers and gasoline, dressing like a tramp or a beauty queen… everything’s bad for you,” this song seems to have a slightly older audience in mind. It’s not one of the requirements, but songs like Bad for You that serve as a cautionary tale (think Folsom Prison Blues) will always score Tot-rocker points.

Three mama friends due within 6 weeks of each other. Haley Bonar NOT pictured.

Three mama friends due within 6 weeks of each other. Haley Bonar NOT pictured.

Stuff about Haley Bonar: Haley Bonar doesn’t know it, but we share a special bond. When she played at the Walker Art Center in August 2011, her dress showed a tiny hint of a cute mini basketball bump, while I was feeling more closely related to a beached manatee while sitting in the stuffy theater. I know the fact our kids were born around the same time isn’t much of a kinship (it doesn’t take much for me to feel a kinship), but it was a tiny something to get me through those long hot days.

Upcoming show: You’ve got a chance TONIGHT to hear Haley Bonar on Granite City Radio Hour (Wednesday, March 19th). Tune into KVSC (88.1fm, St. Cloud, MN), stream it live, or get tickets to watch it live!

Listen to Bad for You:

Other Tot Rockers by Haley Bonar: Kid October (sleepy baby)

Similar Tot Rockers: Fighter Girl by Mason Jennings

Meet Haley Bonar. Listen to Bad for You. Listen to Gramma’s Boyfriend, HB’s other super awesome band.

Don’t pet stray cats or smoke cigars. Everything’s bad for you.


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