We survived a kidz dance party.

Two days ago I had a bit of a freak-out. We did end up attending the Kidz music dance party. We didn’t die. I didn’t roll my eyes even once. If I pretend I’m excited, they’ll get into the activity, and before you know it, I’m having fun, too. It helped that the event wasn’t nearly as over the top as the Youtube videos portrayed it. It came down to a few well-intentioned people working hard to entertain get kids to move their bodies. Not so bad.

Highlights from our kid’s music dance party:

Seconds before she attempts to sneak on stage.

Seconds before she attempts to sneaks up those stairs (right) and tries to rush the stage.

  1. During the 2nd song, Tot Rock Boy threw his fists up over his head and exclaimed, “AMAZING!” He proceeded to that 22 more times during the 45 minute show.
  2. Upon hearing she could to the front of the auditorium and dance with the other kids, Tot Rock Girl runs down the aisle, climbs the stairs and begins to make her way to the stage. I try to convince her to come back as unobtrusively as possible, but it quickly unravels into a little girl in a puddle of tears. Thankfully, I’m confident everyone in attendance had personal experience with this exact scenario at one time or another. From now on, I’ll add “no rushing the stage and no stage diving” to our pre-event peptalk.Unknown
  3. During another tearful moment for Tot Rock Girl, her daycare friend came up to console her and gave her a hug. Cutest ever.
  4. It turns out I like seeing my kids have fun. So it probably could have sucked a lot more and I still would have enjoyed it.

If you’d just rather have a dance party at home, I’d suggest starting with these Tot Rockers: 


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