Keep it down, Mason, this is supposed to be a lullaby.


Tot’s first concert!

My kids’ first concert was a Mason Jennings show. That means it was my first experience trying to enjoy live music with wee ones in tow. (Pro tip: bring snacks. Lots of snacks.) I’m terrible at remembering set lists, but I would be astonished if he hadn’t played this Tot Rocker:

Lemon Grove Avenue by Mason Jennings

Kind: Sleepy Baby. This is actually one of those great songs that sound like it’s sweet and quiet, but it keeps building and building until I’m shouting the “yeahs”. As you can imagine, that’s probably not a good thing for a sleepy baby song. I tend to get carried away, but it’s likely you’ll be better at restraining yourself.

Reasons it’s a Tot Rocker: Lemon Grove Avenue is considered a tot rocker because of it’s simple lyrics and tune and it’s use of onomatopoeia (mm, da, la la la la la). The repetition of the same line several times, make it easy for kids to learn it and manageable for parents to sing under duress. And the RSTLNE of Tot Rockin’: it’s a great song.

Upcoming Shows: You’ve got your chance to see this song and all the other great Mason Jennings standards this weekend, if’n you are in the mid-west vicinity. Yep, he’s on tourFargo on Friday, MPLS on Saturday, a bunch of other places after that. As the Youtube video below shows, he even takes requests from the crowd:

Other Tot Rockers by Mason Jennings:  Fighter Girl (sleepy baby), Be Here Now (sleepy baby)

Similar Tot Rockers: In Spite of Ourselves by John Prine, The Sun Maid by Soul Asylum

Get to know Mason Jennings.     Listen to Lemon Grove Avenue.                               If you get to one of those shows this weekend, let me know if he plays your request.


Gotta love those tots.


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