Exhibit B: Wise tots say

Yesterday, my little girl was sitting with me on the couch. In the other room, her father was talking about Elvis*. Without even acknowledging she was listening to his conversation, she tells me matter of factly, “Elvis is the king.” Awww.

Okay, I accept one of us probably said that to her, but I can’t think of a single conversation in the past two months where we’ve discussed Elvis Presley. I guess her little friends at daycare could be sharing bits of information on various rock icons, but I doubt it. Other parents might squeel with pride when their kids memorize the first 10 digits of Pi, but at The House of Tot Rock, this’ll do just fine.



*Actually Tot Rock Dad was explaining to the other child why the new piggy bank, Pelvis, was wearing sunglasses and had huge furry mutton chop sideburns.

 Tot Rockers by The King: Hound Dog (awake baby), Love me Tender (sleepy baby), Can’t Help Falling in Love (sleepy baby)

Get to know The King. Other kids like Elvis, too. 


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