Watch me pull a rabbit out of my…

There are fewer things that make this Mama smile than to have my kid recognize a song and start singing it before the opening verse. My kid loves this song. Even if I’m merely humming it, or happen to let out a “bump bumm” he starts swaying to the rhythm and will join in. This kid knows the way to my heart.

Song: Mr. Rabbit by Paul Westerberg 

Kind: Awake Baby

Why it’s a Tot Rocker: Believed to be an African American children’s folk song depicting Briar Rabbit, and generally understood to be describing a Briar Rabbit story.  It’s a catchy song, it’s about an animal, you can add in your own nonsense words with the guitar plunks and it’s a great song. Other versions however, don’t have  Paul Westerberg’s guitar and phrasing to push it into Tot Rockdom, and a song that more than just kiddos will enjoy.

I almost fell out of my chair the first time I heard this song in a Payless commercial a couple years ago. I’d share it with you, but I can only find mention of it in the blogosphere. (Someone that can score me a link to it will get a high-five.)

Get to know Paul Westerberg. Hear Burl Ives’ version. Save yourself from this version. Learn more about the origins of Mr. Rabbit here and here


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