Mad Tiger!

Forget sad panda. Mad Tiger is where it’s at.

Mad Tiger by Peelander-Z: 

A fun, loud punk song about Tigers, a video featuring an adorable cat, and I think you’re set for the weekend. Peelander Z is self-described as a Japanese Action Comic Punk Band. I’ve personally never listened another to Japanese Action Comic Punk band, but it sounds pretty much like you think it should.

Added bonus: if you catch one of Peelander Z’s upcoming shows in the Midwest over the next week or two, you’ll learn the Mad Tiger dance moves, too.

More Tot Rockers by Peelander Z: E-I-E-I-O (awake baby), Ninja-High School (awake baby)

Similar Tot Rockers: Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones (awake baby), Suffragette City by David Bowie


Learn more about Peelander Z. Make friends with Peelander Z. See you at the show!


3 thoughts on “Mad Tiger!

  1. From my music loving niece, I need to know about the band The Replacements and why do they wear skirts? Love, D and B

    • Hi Auntie,
      The Replacements are a great rock band from Minneapolis and were their biggest in the 1980’s. They made some really great music, and are just as well known for making a mess. They did occasionally wear dresses on stage, perhaps to be funny, perhaps because it’s not uncommon for musicians to be ridiculed and called derogatory names so they were thumbing their noses at those stereotypes, perhaps because it was the 80’s and the idea of a man in a dress was terribly taboo and done for laughs. My sister got to see them perform several times before their break-up in ’91, and I got to see them this Fall. Their lead singer, Paul Westerberg is the person who performs Mr. Rabbit, one our favorite Tot Rockers.

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