How do you say “wild thing” in Spanish?

The Houston Press has called Los Straitjackets “one of the strangest Nashville music outfits ever.” What makes them strange? An oversimplified description: Surf Rock in black suits and luchador masks. However, Los Straitjackets aren’t merely a band with a cute gimmick; they can put the hammer down.

Song: Loco te Patina el Coco by Los Straitjackets with Little Willie G.

Sometimes being a Mama is more fun in a luchador mask.

Sometimes being a Mama is more fun in a luchador mask.

Kind of Tot Rock: Awake Baby

Reasons it’s a Tot Rocker: the chorus is best when it’s yelled, there’s plenty of opportunity to bob your head to the beat, it’s a good, fun song, and who wouldn’t want to give their kid extra exposure to Spanish?

Listen to Loco te Patina el Coco.

Loco te Patina el Coco is a cover of Wild Thing, the hit for the Troggs in 1966. The habit of repurposing American Rock and Roll songs for a Mexican audience became popular around the same time. Louie Perez (Los Lobos) describes his experience with it in the 1960’s:

But what was weirdness to my ears became a regular thing; hearing bands on Mexican radio appropriate contemporary american popsongs and give the lyric a twist in the mother tongue. What was once a grand Canyon-sized dived between cultures had become not much more than the microscopic space between radio stations. It was as if these rock groups had taken an enormous Pink Pearl eraser and rubbed out the border that separated the USA and Mexico. (Rock en Espanol, liner notes)

The phrase, te patina el coco, is a Spanish idiom for calling someone crazy. It doesn’t really translate well, but I’m gonna keep it in my back pocket if’n I ever have to impress a Spanish speaker.

 Here’s an example of Los Straitjackets playing Space Mosquito:

Don’t you just love them?

Other Tot Rockers by Los Straitjackets: Chico Alboratada (awake baby)

Similar Tot Rockers: Real Wild Child (Wild One) by Iggy Pop (awake baby)

Listen to Loco te Patina el Coco. Listen to the original Wild Thing by the Troggs. Make friends with Los Straitjackets. 



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