Please don’t call me Mommy.

I’m Mama. I’m also good with Mom, Mother, and Ma. I am not Mommy. I don’t know why, but wow, I hate Mommy. But wouldn’t ya know it, my Tot Rock Boy insists that I’m a Mommy. He says it with such excitement that it’s kinda hard to be annoyed. “Mommy! You came back!” “It’s a beautiful day, Mommy!” Whataya gonnado?

Here’s my favorite Tot Rocker about Mama: Talk to your daughter by J.B. Lenoir.

Here’s someone else’s list of Mom songs, courtesy of the Huffington Post. Please note: no one ever sings about Mommy, either. Make sure you check out the gem by everybody’s favorite Mr. T.

Other Mama Tot Rockers: Motorcyle Mama by Neil Young, Ya Mama by The Pharcyde

What’s your favorite Mama song?



5 thoughts on “Please don’t call me Mommy.

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