Not cool, kid.

During housework this morning, I turned on some music. Not one minute into the first song, one kid came into the room saying, “I don’t wike this song. I don’t wike this song. I don’t WIKE. DIS. SONG!” When it was obvious I wasn’t going to rush and turn it off, he got a little more desperate, and started pleading it get turned off. “Pweeeeze? Someting ewse?”   Then the other kid came in saying the same thing. Ugh, really? Not cool, kid. A few tears added for good measure. It was obviously going to be a thing, and since we all going to be together all day long, I submitted.

Here’s the offender:

photo 2

Potential Reasons the kids didn’t like it:

  1. The stereo was too loud
  2. This was a new CD, so the songs weren’t familiar- therefore scary.
  3. The music was indeed unpalatable.
  4. Who are we kidding? To a two-year old, any reason is a good reason to throw a tantrum.

The songs that were so bad they caused a tantrum? Honky Tonk Heros (like Me) and My Heros have Always Been Cowboys by Waylon Jennings.

Would those two songs be deal breakers for you? Would you yell at your Mother if you heard them? Just curious. 


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