Mama loves the Astro


Not this Astro.

When some people think of Astro, they might think of the cartoon dog from the future, or the hip-hop dynamo featured on the X-Factor, but there’s only one Astro when it comes to music at the House of Tot Rock. We have a lot of dance parties. Whenever we do, my son will unwaveringly request Astro by The White Stripes.

Kind: Awake Baby

Reasons it’s a tot rocker: Astro has easy lyrics to learn, it essentially has one line repeated over and over. It also references one of my kids’ favorite people: Mama (no Mommies here). Also, you can customize other verses to be about anyone else they know. Perhaps Grandma does the Astro, too? Finally, Astro is a Tot Rocker because two classic dance moves MUST be incorporated: the fist pump and the head bob. In all actuality, it’s almost impossible to listen to the song without shaking your fist or bobbing your head.

Bookmark this video (cover) for long waits at the Post Office: 

What Jack White (supposedly) says about Astro: “Actually for awhile there, right before we recorded the album, that song Astro was just an instrumental-I was just mouthing syllables, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t write lyrics to that until just a few minutes before we recorded it. And that ended up becoming about something I had been thinking about. It’s about the things that people do in secret-I called that the Astro cause it just had a ring to it, but the things people do, like I guess the clue to that was ‘Thomas Edison is AC/DC.’ He was only into direct current, he didn’t believe in alternating current, and that was supposedly his downfall of delivering electrical power to people. But maybe he secretly knew that was the right way to do things. That was my only attempt at trying to do a meaningless one. I had another dog I said that Astro – Astro’s something people do in secret – things people maybe do in secret – I said maybe jasper does the Astro – that was my other dog – but uh I never wrote a song abouElroy though.”(

About The White Stripes: All Music says Singer/guitarist Jack White‘s voice is a singular, evocative combination of punk, metal, blues, and backwoods while his guitar work is grand and banging with just enough lyrical touches of slide and subtle solo work to let you know he means to use the metal-blues riff collisions just so. Drummer Meg White balances out the fretwork and the fretting with methodical, spare, and booming cymbal, bass drum, and snare cracks. 

Other Tot Rockers by the White Stripes: Little Ghost (awake baby), Jimmy the Exploder (awake baby), When I Hear my Name (awake baby)

Similar Tot Rockers: Nutbush City Limit performed by The Black Diamond Heavies, Book of Sorrow by Spencer Dickinson

Listen to a live version of Astro (+Jack the Ripper). Get to know The White Stripes. By the way, dance parties aren’t just for kids. Do it now.  


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