Egad, it’s good!

My entire reason for starting this blog was because I noticed an entire industry trying to sell me on the idea that kids needed their own kind of music- regular music was too scary, too sexy, and not educational, or something. The whole point of this blog is that we don’t have to endure kids songs just because we hang out with kids. My tagline, “Because kids and their adults shouldn’t have to listen to bad music” insinuates that kids music is bad.

Can there be such a thing as a song intended for a kid’s audience, but is actually a good song for everyone?  Can it be like those Pixar movies that adults don’t hate, heck enjoy, watching? (Come on, you all know you’ve kept watching Finding Nemo even after your rugrat has fallen asleep.)

Case in point, Haley Bonar’s Build Something performed on the Choo Choo Bob’s Show:

Is it a good KIDS song, or does it rise to the ranks of purely a GOOD SONG? What do you think?

Be Friends with Haley Bonar. Find out about The Choo Choo Bob Show. Listen to Build Something


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