Maybe in West Fargo I’ll find my JOY.

A long time ago, as a little girl I received a baby doll as a gift on Christmas Eve. “What are you going to call it?” the family asked. My response, “Joy. Joy to the World.”  Now, my little girl sleeps with Joy, Joy to the World (she’s usually referred to by her full name) when she visits Grandma’s house. Because of Joy, I assumed my daughter would be interested in this song, but she hasn’t seemed to make the connection. However, my son has been known to ask for the song 5 or 6 times in a row.

Tot Rocker, Joy by Lucinda Williams:

Of course, Ms. Williams is not referring her Joy to a person or a baby doll. So far in their tot world however, we haven’t gotten to the nuances of feeling states. Right now there’s just sad, mad, happy, scared, excited and sleeping. Sleeping is not anything you can do when you’re listening to  Joy, it’s much better for working out or driving fast.

Not Joy, Joy to the World.

Not Joy, Joy to the World.

Kind: awake baby

Why it’s a Tot Rocker: Like The Wheels on the Bus (my kids love right now), the lyrics are repetitive and easy to sing. Joy is a Tot Rocker also because you can adjust the lyrics to better suit your location: “I’m going to go to Moorhead and look for my JOY. Maybe in West Fargo I’ll find my JOY.” You get the idea.

Other Tot Rockers by Lucinda Williams: Greenville (sleepy baby), Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (awake baby),

Similar Tot Rockers: Wanted Man (Johnny Cash)

Get to know Lucinda Williams. Maybe in Dickinson I’ll find my JOY. Play good music for your kids- you can thank me later. 


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