Turn it up, Dad.

Likes water guns and and good music. Driving in the car tonight, the MP3 player was on shuffle, playing lots of random tunes. Within the first 20 seconds of a song my son yells, “Dad! What’s dis song?” TotRock Dad says, “It’s called On my way Downtown.” To which son replies, “Hmmm. It’s good! I wike dis song!”

On my way Downtown by Lucero:

On my way downtown is a great song and I love Lucero, so this is a Proud TotRock Mom moment. It’s also an important reminder that you don’t have to over think music for your kids. Good music is easy to like.

Tots have yet to appreciate Willie Nelson. We’re working on it.

On the other hand, the next song to play was a bust. In response to Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain: “turn it OFF! It’s too sad!” He’s two years old, people. And sensitive.  Sorry, Willie.

Lucero is best enjoyed live. This youtube video, is a sad substitute, but it’ll give you an idea. Since it seems like Lucero is always on tour, you can see for yourself.

What’s your favorite Lucero song?


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