Favorite band of all-time.

If I had to list my favorite band of all time, I’d struggle to narrow it down to even 10 favorites.  Ask that question to a TotRock Toddler and the answer is obvious: Peelander Z. metalander-poster-retail

Peelander Z’s focus on fast music and fun lyrics make them an optimal candidate for Tot Rocker of the Year. Here are just a few examples:

So Many Mike: 


And other favorites: Ninja High School, EIEIO

You maybe thinking to yourself, “they cover Old MacDonald and the Alphabet song and they wear brightly colored costumes. Isn’t Peelander Z actually just a kid’s band?” The answer is no. Kid’s music is performed at your local public library, shopping center, or elementary school auditorium. Peelander Z plays at awesome-shitty rock clubs and gets a spot at Riot Fest. But you don’t have to take my word for it:  Michelle Meywes of the Chicagoist says, “Count on [Peelander Z for] one raucous half-hour set that leaves us wondering what hit us.”

Of course, none of that matters to kids. Mine love all of Peelander Z’s songs. I praise the Gods of Rock that I get to hang out with my kids AND listen to decent music.

Get to know Peelander Z.    


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