Okee Dokee- it’s good!

Maybe on their next album the Okee Dokee Brothers will explore the beauty of rock skipping.

The Okee Dokee Brothers can throw down. Alright, perhaps “throw down” isn’t quite the phrase for which this folk duo aspires. While they are indeed Children’s music performers (as evidenced by this song and this song) they also appeal to the NotTot fans of folk with their album Can You Canoe. It was considered so good it snagged a Grammy in 2012 (Best Children’s Music Album).



Can you Canoe? by the Okee Dokee Brothers:

Los OD Bros say their intention is to “record and perform family music with a goal to inspire children and their parents to get outside and experience nature“- no terrible thing. Their website also sez something about recognizing that kids “deserve quality music” and I couldn’t agree more.

Through the woods

Gaining a respect for the natural world, we’re like a walking billboard for the Okee Dokee Brothers.

While my kids haven’t had the chance to enjoy the excitement of canoeing (two toddlers in one canoe- no thanks, I like staying dry), one of our favorite outings is going on a walk in the woods. You wouldn’t believe how excited Tot 1 and Tot 2 get about it. Or maybe you would. The Okee Dokee Brothers love the woods too, and they devoted their most recent album to the wonders of hiking. I haven’t listened to it much, but when I do I’ll let you know.

In the mean time, I’d encourage you to give Can you Canoe? a try, with Tots or Not.

Get to know The Okee Dokee Brothers


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