Christmas every day of the year.

I like music. I make an effort to share that appreciation with my kids. I write this blog to encourage others to do the same. Imagine my dismay when my kids’ request to sing Jingle Bells ALL THE TIME. It’s like a chef’s kid who will only eat peanut butter sandwiches. Peanut butter sandwiches and Jingle Bells are great, but just not every damn day.

Jingle-bells-jokeSo what’s with Jingle Bells? Tots aren’t the only ones that love it. My Great Aunt Frances had her favorite things featured at her funeral. The church luncheon served peppermint bon bon ice cream and they sang Jingle Bells during the service (it was July). That’s saying something.

As far as Tot Rock requirements, Jingle Bells is a lock. It’s catchy, it’s easy to remember, everyone can sing it, etc. Additionally, Jingle Bells gets extra credit because everyone knows it. As one of the great things about Jingle Bells, is everyone knows it. As one of the most well known American songs, all the people my kids are to meet will likely be able to join in. Let’s get something straight thought, we’re not talking about Jingle Bell Rock. There is a time and place for JBR, but it doesn’t have the staying power as the traditional Jingle Bells. Quite frankly, if I hear Jingle Bell Rock once a year, I’ve had my fill.

I tried to find a version of Jingle Bells online that was fun, or funny, or notable. I came up empty. I mean, you’d think The Stooges would have recorded it or something. [Editor’s note: according to The Google, Iggy Pop has not recorded Jingle Bells, but has recorded Little Drummer Boy and at least two versions of White Christmas.]

What’s your kid’s peanut butter sandwich of songs?


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