Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand,” Reimagined as a Dr. Seuss Book

Image credit: DrFaustusAU

Image credit: DrFaustusAU

There are very few bands more rock and roll than Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Likewise, it doesn’t get much more kid-awesome than Dr. Suess. Mash them both together as Dr. FaustusAU has done, and you’ve got one amazingly creepy-fun rendition of Cave’s Red Right Hand.

Get to know Dr. FaustusAU.

See the video for Red Right Hand. Get to know Nick Cave.

A big thank you to Flavorwire for sharing!

Image credit: DrFaustusAU

Image credit: DrFaustusAU


The Internet can be the worst place, but occasionally something comes along that makes you glad that it exists — like, for instance, this Dr Seuss-style rendering of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand.” These are the things you’d never get to see if it wasn’t for the web — they’d be in someone’s desk drawer, or something the artist’s friends laughed at in delight over drinks. Instead, the whole world can appreciate the work of one DrFaustusAU (who previously gave us a Seussian interpretation of The Call of Chthulu). This, which we discovered via Dangerous Minds, may just be his/her finest work yet. Click through and marvel at just how well it works.

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