Tot Rockin’ is a blog written by me, a woman who likes music and usually has an opinion or two about it. Lately, I’ve been spending more time with children; two moved into my house a couple years ago. As such, I’ve been looking at my music collection a little differently. Like food for babies, music for babies is generally bland and monotonous. I’ve noticed when children get added to the mix, people immediately assume they have to listen to children’s music. I feel that is utterly false and hope to provide you with evidence that will keep you interested and get your kiddos enjoying music. Most of the time, the songs featured here will be regular* music, not music originally intended for the baby genre. Given that, you don’t have to have children to follow along.

*Not that kid’s music isn’t regular music. I’m at a loss for a qualifier here. You know what I mean.totrock5

Not in anyway affiliated with this: Tot Rock or this: Rock for Tots

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  2. Hello, I love the Trashmen poster that we can see on your post of January 15, 2014. Do you know where I could purchase one like this?

    • I’m so sorry to have missed your post over a year ago! I purchased it the live show in St. Paul several years ago. I will double check the artist, sometimes they keep the posters and continue to sell them?

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