Bumpy roads, 3.5

The daily commute

The daily commute.

Commuting to daycare this morning, it was impossible to avoid the potholes. TotRock Boy navigates one on his scoot bike and proceeds to sing:

Do you want to ride in my bumpy car?

Do you want to ride on my bumpy bicycle?

Hey Guys, let’s sing about bumpy bikes!

I’m sure there’s a kid-specific song about bumps or potholes or driving in cars, but Bumper Car by Bob Log III does the trick for us. Does this song sound familiar? Yes, this song has already been covered. On this blog. My apologies.

What’s a scoot bike, you say? It’s this cute little contraption of a bike that has no pedals, just a spot to tuck your feet as you coast. Even our small town hardware store has them in stock, so they have to be getting pretty mainstream. Ours are Strider brand.

As Tot1 and Tot2 get older, there have been more spontaneous singing of songs, some that I know they haven’t heard for months. Share your music with your kids! And get them scoot bikes, they’re awesome.

Coming to a bumpy road near you. Get to know Bob Log III

A bedtime ritual with MC5

The key to a successful bedtime is routine and calming activites. Reading, snuggling, a glass of milk, perhaps a lullaby. You know, stuff like this. Going against all that, TotRock Dad has taught the tots this new quirky routine at bedtime. When it’s time to put on pajamas, the kids yell:

Kick out the jams, Mother! I’m gonna kick ’em out!

This is followed by a dance fest, replete with jumping, head banging and air kicks, while listening to Kick out the Jams by MC5. 

Not exactly a lullaby, is it? I’m certain jamming out to MC5 is not a quiet time activity.  Nevertheless, the whole thing is terribly amusing to Mr. TotRock. He’s remarked, “this [new habit] makes me such a happy dad.” Don’t worry, this hasn’t totally ruined the sense of calm before bed. It’s been a long time since bedtime has been calming.

Know what also is also anything but calming? MC5. Robert Bixby described the 1960’s punk band as “a catastrophic force of nature the band was barely able to control.” Likewise, the post-show atmosphere was described by Don McLeese as “the delirious exhaustion experienced after ‘a street rumble or an orgy. (Thanks, Wikipedia!) The aftermath of a street rumble? Yeah, that sounds like my house at bedtime.

Okay. Write this down. If you are looking around for the next big thing, this is it. Ready? MC5 Kick out the paJAMaS. I did a cursory search on The Google and no one has done this yet. I’m telling you. Do it now before Etsy is flush with them. You’re welcome.

MC5 clothing line by OBEY. See? Kick Out The paJAMaS would totally work.

Turn it up, Dad.

Likes water guns and and good music. Driving in the car tonight, the MP3 player was on shuffle, playing lots of random tunes. Within the first 20 seconds of a song my son yells, “Dad! What’s dis song?” TotRock Dad says, “It’s called On my way Downtown.” To which son replies, “Hmmm. It’s good! I wike dis song!”

On my way Downtown by Lucero:

On my way downtown is a great song and I love Lucero, so this is a Proud TotRock Mom moment. It’s also an important reminder that you don’t have to over think music for your kids. Good music is easy to like.

Tots have yet to appreciate Willie Nelson. We’re working on it.

On the other hand, the next song to play was a bust. In response to Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain: “turn it OFF! It’s too sad!” He’s two years old, people. And sensitive.  Sorry, Willie.

Lucero is best enjoyed live. This youtube video, is a sad substitute, but it’ll give you an idea. Since it seems like Lucero is always on tour, you can see for yourself.

What’s your favorite Lucero song?

Exhibit B: Wise tots say

Yesterday, my little girl was sitting with me on the couch. In the other room, her father was talking about Elvis*. Without even acknowledging she was listening to his conversation, she tells me matter of factly, “Elvis is the king.” Awww.

Okay, I accept one of us probably said that to her, but I can’t think of a single conversation in the past two months where we’ve discussed Elvis Presley. I guess her little friends at daycare could be sharing bits of information on various rock icons, but I doubt it. Other parents might squeel with pride when their kids memorize the first 10 digits of Pi, but at The House of Tot Rock, this’ll do just fine.



*Actually Tot Rock Dad was explaining to the other child why the new piggy bank, Pelvis, was wearing sunglasses and had huge furry mutton chop sideburns.

 Tot Rockers by The King: Hound Dog (awake baby), Love me Tender (sleepy baby), Can’t Help Falling in Love (sleepy baby)

Get to know The King. Other kids like Elvis, too. 

Example A: Girl sings Elvis

If it pleases the court, I hereby submit the following as evidence:

Play music for your kids. You’ll be glad you did.

I’d like to thank Ella’s Dad for confirming my theory: it’s fun to share good music with your kid. Seriously, if you know Ella’s Dad, please send him my regards.

*Like everyone, I found this posted on FB. The earliest iteration I can find is via Godtube (what?) from Aug 5, 2013.