Bumpy roads, 3.5

The daily commute

The daily commute.

Commuting to daycare this morning, it was impossible to avoid the potholes. TotRock Boy navigates one on his scoot bike and proceeds to sing:

Do you want to ride in my bumpy car?

Do you want to ride on my bumpy bicycle?

Hey Guys, let’s sing about bumpy bikes!

I’m sure there’s a kid-specific song about bumps or potholes or driving in cars, but Bumper Car by Bob Log III does the trick for us. Does this song sound familiar? Yes, this song has already been covered. On this blog. My apologies.

What’s a scoot bike, you say? It’s this cute little contraption of a bike that has no pedals, just a spot to tuck your feet as you coast. Even our small town hardware store has them in stock, so they have to be getting pretty mainstream. Ours are Strider brand.

As Tot1 and Tot2 get older, there have been more spontaneous singing of songs, some that I know they haven’t heard for months. Share your music with your kids! And get them scoot bikes, they’re awesome.

Coming to a bumpy road near you. Get to know Bob Log III

It’s a bumpy road.

“It’s not bumpy road, Mama! It’s BUMPY! CAR!” Forget that the lyrics actually say, “It’s a bumpy road,” and the name of the song is not Bumpy Car, but Bumper Car. There is no rationalizing with a two-year old about one of his favorite car tunes.


Bob Log III album: My Shit is Perfect.

Bumper Car can be found on Bob Log III’s 2009 album, My Shit is Perfect. Don’t let the stickers fool you though. Bob Log III is not known for writing songs for a kids audience. In fact, many people will likely blush and/or be offended when they first listen to Bob Log III’s catalog. But don’t let those puritans scare you away. He’s a one man band, he has a fun stage presence, and he plays some serious blues slide guitar. For the purposes of this blog, he also happens to have created a good Tot Rocker.

Tot Rocker #20: Bumper Car by Bob Log III

Great concert poster, right? And it glows in the dark.

Reasons it’s a Tot Rocker: Bumper Car (probably not about bumper cars) has simple lyrics and it’s easy to sing along, kids like songs about cars, it’s a fun song, and it’s nearly impossible to listen to it without wagging your head back and forth.

Kind of Tot Rocker: Awake Baby– pretty sure BLIII makes only songs of the Awake Baby variety.

0If you get a chance to see him live (head’s up Canada and Midwest US), the show will be totally worth the price of admission.

Other Tot Rockers by Bob Log III: Bump Pow! (awake baby), Mr. Sis Boom Bah (awake baby)

Similar Tot Rockers: Dodger by Koerner, Ray and Glover, All ‘Round Man by Dave Alvin (Bo Carter)

Get to know Bob Log III.      Make friends with Bob Log III.     Bump. Pow.