Do NOT do it: Morning Train by Sheena Easton

My co-parent thought this song would be really cute to sing to babies. Then one day he had to sing the chorus 53 times in a row.

Why doesn’t this song work? First and foremost, it’s not a good song. It’s catchy, it’s kitschy, but not good. Singing along? Forget about it. Ms. Easton has a better-than-average vocal range, and anything less than a better-than-average vocal range will be painful for everyone who hears it.

It’s also hard to reconcile this artist as the same Sheena Easton from Prince’s U Got the Look; color ME taken aback. And then there’s THIS. Whoa. Artistic range is good though, right?

My advice is to steer clear of this song. This song is not suitable for Tot Rock. Don’t even think about playing it once for you kid. The chorus has such a clever hook it’s possible your tot will love it and you’ll never hear the end of it. Let my pain save you from a similar tragedy.

Consider these Tot Rockers instead:  I love a rainy night by Eddie Rabbit, or Kiss on my List by Hall and Oats